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About Us

A professional and reliable platform where customers can purchase gaming related since it was established in 2008. By far, we have more than 10 years’ experience and can pass that on to our customers.

A wide variety of products in the area of gaming related,game keys and software can be found in our site. Here we mainly specialize in providing gaming related - so we can offer the lowest prices together with instant delivery through our unique automated delivery system.

VIPkeysale is a community where offer VIP service and various benefits for our distinguished members.
VIPkeysale - Your exclusive VIP service platform.You will be delighted by our quickly delivery,wide range of products and great service.

Quick Email Delivery

Estimate delivery time is 10-30 minutes, although most customers receive their codes in less than 10 minutes.The process is usually faster for returning customers.


If you need help, please contact customer service by clicking the live chat.

Address: Unit 1602-8 Chinachem Tower 34-37 Connaught Road Central Hong Kong 

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